Corporate Registers Forum 2017
March 6-10, 2017
Hong Kong
Connection to Hong Kong International Airport

Airport Express
The Kowloon Shangri-la, Hong Kong is located approximately 36 kilometers from the Hong Kong International Airport.  The Airport Express departs from the Airport every 10 minutes to the Kowloon Station.  The trip, which takes approximately 20 minutes, costs HKD 90.  A complimentary Airport Express Shuttle (route number K3) is available for transfer from the Kowloon Station to the Hotel.

Taxi service is readily available at the airport.  A trip by the urban taxi (red taxi) to the Hotel will take about 35 minutes at an approximate cost of HKD 280. 

Vigor Airport Shuttle
The Vigor Airport Shuttle departs every 30 minutes for an hour long journey and stops at several hotels in Kowloon.  The ticket fare is HKD 130.

Public Bus
Cityflyer Route A21 stops at several locations in Kowloon for HKD 33.  Getting off at “Mody Road, Chatham Road South” stop after a 80-minute ride, the Hotel is only a short walk away.